What we do

MPW R&R provides consulting, forensic and expert witness solutions.  We specialise in organisational risk, construction safety / CDM and concrete structures.

Who we work with

MPW R&R helps the construction industry and their regulators to manage risk.  If something goes wrong and a project ends in litigation, we can help insurers and legal teams by acting as an Expert Witness.

Organisational Risk

Organisational Risk

  • Identifying and assessing the key risks
  • Running organisational risk diagnostics
  • Identifying and prioritising improvement initiatives
  • Developing roadmap change plans

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Construction Safety and CDM 2015

Construction Safety

  • Advice and training on the use of CDM 2015
  • Reviewing how CDM 2015 has been applied
  • Forensic investigations
  • Evaluating regulatory initiatives
  • Acting as an expert witness

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Safety & Service Life of Concrete Structures

Concrete Structures

  • Defects, durability, deterioration, safety and service life of concrete structures
  • Asset management guidance & standards
  • Forensic investigations
  • Acting as an expert witness

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Regulator Solutions


  • Helping regulators focus on the key risks in the industries they regulate
  • Evaluating regulatory initiatives
  • Reviewing regulatory effectiveness
  • Developing new tools to improve effectiveness

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Find out why things go wrong in an organisation

Download our Organisational Risk Briefing Note & Diagnostic Tool to find out why things go wrong in an organisation and what you can do about it ...
  • Learn about the importance of mindsets and behaviours in influencing risk and the complexities of assessing them
  • Get details of a five-step approach for assessing those mindsets and behaviours and identifying initiatives to change them
  • Get advice on implementing those initiatives
  • Learn about the characteristics of organisations where things have gone wrong so that you can avoid them
  • Learn about the characteristics of best practice organisations and how they vary from ‘average’ organisations
  • Benchmark your organisation against best practice and run risk diagnostics with our free Organisational Risk Benchmarking Tool
  • Get regular risk and regulation articles by email

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