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How to engage boards on health, safety and risk issues

This article suggests a range of ways to engage boards on health, safety and risk issues. Our suggestions are a combination of ‘nudges’ and ‘shoves’.  They recognise the potential barriers to engagement that we identified in an earlier article, and are aimed at addressing

Board engagement with health and safety risks – why doesn’t it always happen?

This article summarises key reasons why board engagement with health and safety risks does not always happen.  The lessons from landmark incidents are discussed, and common causes for non-engagement are identified.  To gain a better understanding of these causes, we

Risk Diagnostic and Benchmarking Tool

This post discusses what organisations can gain from undertaking risk diagnostic and benchmarking studies. We have made a version of our risk diagnostic and benchmarking tool available for free download so that you can can identify the gaps in your

7 barriers to effective risk management

Over the years, I have noticed a range of barriers that can prevent organisations managing risk effectively. In this article, I have collected together seven of these barriers and discussed both their effect on organisations and how to overcome them.