Organisational Risk

We provide risk management solutions for organisations in construction and other high risk sectors to help them improve performance, reduce risk, gain from regulatory compliance and be cost-effective. We help them manage technical, human and organisational risks by identifying their key risks and understanding the influences on risk resulting from people, culture and systems.

Good risk management does not slow an organisation down – it helps them make better decisions faster by:

  • Making it more likely they will hit business objectives
  • Encouraging proactive management
  • Improving the identification of opportunities and threats
  • Improving operational effectiveness and efficiency

By embedding risk management in their mindsets and behaviours, organisations can become more agile and anticipate potential events. They will be able to respond quickly, and can minimise the impact of adverse events or seize opportunities for gain.

Most organisations are complex, and while a range of systems and equipment may be in place, organisations’ susceptibility to risk is largely determined by the mindsets and behaviours of their staff – these are their key influences on risk. However, those mindsets and behaviours are difficult to identify and assess, making organisations susceptible to failures, spending money on solving the wrong problems or missing out on opportunities.

This raises the question of: ‘How can organisations identify and assess the mindsets and behaviours that influence risk in their organisations?

That is where we can help …

What we do

We help organisations manage risks and improve their performance by:

  • Identifying and assessing the key risks – to help them understand and prioritise the key risks facing their organisation
  • Running organisational risk diagnostics – to help them understand the factors that are the key influences on risk, compare them with best practice and identify the areas where improvement will give them the greatest returns
  • Identifying and prioritising improvement initiatives – to help change mindsets and behaviours cost effectively
  • Developing roadmap change plans – to help them lead and manage the change required
  • Designing and delivering training and tools – to transfer knowledge by helping them develop the key skills and use our tools in-house
  • Adapting to new regulations – to ensure compliance with the new regulations in a cost effective manner

Examples of what we have done

Mike Webster has helped a range of organisations, and:

  • Analysed how and why accidents occurred – to help a police service reduce the risks associated with their training activities
  • Benchmarked health and safety management against best practice – to identify how risks were managed during the construction of the London 2012 venues in comparison to the wider construction industry and identify key lessons
  • Run organisational risk diagnoses – to help construction and oil & gas companies identify potential gaps and improve their management of those risks
  • Identified and prioritised improvement initiatives – to help national regulators identify where they could change the mindsets and behaviours of the organisations they regulated
  • Developed an intervention toolkit and provided training – to help a regulator design and target cost-effective interventions and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Investigated regulatory effectiveness – to provide evidence of whether the regulatory approach taken had been more effective than traditional inspection-based enforcement and provide recommendations for improving future regulatory effectiveness
  • Benchmarked a range of UK regulators – to learn lessons from those regulators to improve another regulator’s cost-effectiveness in regulating public and private sectors

Our tools and techniques

Over the years, we have developed a range of tools to provide rigorous solutions to clients’ problems quickly. These include tools for qualitative and quantitative risk analysis that provide:

  • Risk data analyses – to identify trends and insights so that organisations can focus their risk management improvements on the key areas
  • Influence Network mapping – to evaluate the influences on organisations’ risk behaviours and culture, benchmark performance and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Benchmarking – to compare organisations’ approach to risk with best practice and link the gap between current performance and potential performance to a cost or value
  • Regulatory mapping – to help organisations identify exactly what they need to do to comply cost effectively

Our Publications

To obtain a free copy of our Organisational Risk Report and Benchmarking / Diagnostic Tool, click here.

We can provide advice, consultancy and training, or undertake a forensic examination of areas where things have gone wrong.  If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help or would like us to run a risk diagnostic on your organisation, please drop me a line at